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Helpful Sources

​Beyond Pesticides

Beyond Pesticides – Least Toxic Control of Pests in the Home and Garden

Beyond Pesticides – Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database

Beyond Pesticides – Health Effects of 30 Commonly Used Lawn Pesticides

California Department of Agriculture (CDFA) Fertilizing and Materials Program

Cornell University, Department of Horticulture, Cornell Turfgrass

Environmental Working Group


Healthy Yards, Healthy Lawns, Health Environment

Heavy Metal Analysis in Fertilizers Distributed in Minnesota

How Many Pets are Poisoned by Lawn Pesticides?

Is Herbicide Exposure Placing Your Pets at Risk

Metal Content Analysis Information (WA, OR or CA)

Minnesota Department of Health

Northeast Organic Farming Association

Oregon Department of Agriculture

PAN Pesticide Database

Pesticide Action Network North America

Pesticide, Fertilizers Mixes Linked to Range of Health Problems

Rodale Institute

Safe Fertilizer Information Institute

Safe Lawns

Safer Pest Control Project

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – Soil Food Web

University of Illinois Extension– Soil Testing Labs

Washington State Department of Agriculture Commercial Fertilizer Database

Washington State Department of Ecology Fertilizer Database

Wastelands –The Threat of Toxic Fertilizers


​Earth Friendly Land Care, Inc. - Organic Lawn Care  

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