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Help people manage their lawns, gardens, turfs and land to achieve their goals using family, pet and environment friendly practices while  setting new standards for excellence in customer service.



Studies have shown that the misuse of pesticides, fertilizers and other products and practices may have health and environmental implications for people, animals and the environment.  In some instances children are even more susceptible to health concerns.   We support earth and natural resources  conservation ethics through the wise use of earth friendly practices.

The purpose of Earth Friendly land Care, Inc. is to help people achieve lawn, garden, turf and land management goals and objectives using natural or organic practices and products that are safer for families, pets, wildlife and the environment.




We are committed to providing people unprecedented service, knowledge and support to help them adopt more family and earth friendly practices in and around their home, school and community with emphasis on lawn, garden, turf and land management.  And to help them understand the interconnectedness of their actions, often considerable distances from where they live.  

The formulation of these values are the result of decades of working with land owners on their land helping them in the adoption and proper use of conservation practices to conserve and manage our natural resources. 

A driving force behind these values is the potential health implications that may have altered lives through the loss of loved ones and pets and negatively impacted the environment.   



Our family friendly ecologically sound practices are formed around and dedicated to the life and teaching of my Mother, Patricia Ann Mozley (1933 – 2011) and my daughter's fiancée who were taken from us prematurely by diseases that have been linked to environmental toxins and diet. While the origins of the devastating diseases are uncertain, an environmental or diet origin seems more likely than a genetic link. Our losses have instilled in us a commitment to adopting and sharing alternatives and practices that are more family and ecologically friendly for the benefit of current and future generations.


​Earth Friendly Land Care, Inc. - Organic Lawn Care  

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